Sistemi all'avanguardia per serramenti dal 1980.

Over 40 years of experience

Stabia Aluminum company began its career in the commercial sector of the aluminum in the early '80s

twenty strong experience, gained in the craft sector by its founder Mr Cascone Tullio succeeding now to win a prominent place in the Central and Southern Italian market. From the beginning it was foundamental and characteristic the preservation of the products quality, thus arriving to the realization, in 2001, of the system aluminum-wood "ELIOSWOOD" designed and built completely inside the company, with the collaboration of leading national and international companies, with respect to aluminum extrusion, the die of the wooden profiles and the composition of the perimeter hardware, ensuring that the system is now among the most comprehensive and reliable in their sector.

In mid-2014, the Stabia Aluminum has implemented its own production with the new PVC-Wood, also designed and built in-house with the help of national and international partnerships. The new PVC-Wood plans to set up windows and balconies, hardware SIEGENIA with functionality and basic security up to a class of burglary WK2 (CR 2).

new production site

Currently the company covers an area of about 1,600 square meters, a portion of which aimed to the various processing stages of windows in aluminum-wood and PVC-Wood, a warehouse for the storage of aluminum profiles and wood, accessories and finished product, and an area including the offices and showroom for the display of its products.

Stabia Aluminium company with a program of continuous investment has succeeded, despite its young age within the field of system manufacturers Aluminum-Wood, to win a place among the most quoted industries. This is thanks to the continuous search for the improvement of the product offered.