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23 May 2017


SAIE 2 (Bologna)

In 2007 the Stabia Aluminium is preparing to present its range of products by setting up its own exhibition stand at the Saie2 of Bologna, an event linked to international exhibitions of architecture, interior finishings, renewal and building technology, held in March.This event was a big news of the 2007 edition, in which SATES ALUMINIUM WOOD was the theme exhibition, a collaboration between SAIEDUE UNCSAAL and to emphasize the importance of aluminum frames wood, a technical solution that year after year has been widely space in the market. Technical performance of high value and a strong focus on design, in fact, have favored a rapid growth of aluminum frames wood, which in recent years have grown their percentage share from 5.2% in 1999 to 12.1% in 2005 the total of the metallic frames.