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23 May 2017


Workshop for installation of windows and doors

In recent years the way we design and build has changed dramatically. The directives on the energy performance certification of buildings and systems have shown to all the experts a clear vision: quality in construction. Legislative evolution was followed by a product of evolution. The frames have become more efficient, more resistant to weathering and more insulating thermally and acoustically.All right, whatever. In reality, a closer look is a phase that has not yet received the feed general. It is the installation, a passage insidious and all negligible if we want to achieve the goal of a real energy efficiency.Objective measurements in the pipeline show unequivocally that if theinstallation was not planned and executed with care, the performance of the frame is compromised.

Corso di posa 1corso di posa 2In simple words, a good frame laid bad is not a good frame. In order for the fixtures to maintain performance tested in the laboratory even after their installation in the building, it is essential that they are installed in a workmanlike manner. In this regard Stabia Alluminium wanted to further strengthen their professionalism, organizing a “Course of qualified installation of windows and doors”, in October 2012, aimed at fabricators and industry professionals with the collaboration of Maico Academy, leader in the certification of windows and doors.